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One thing at a time.

The ultimate task tracker for people with too much to do.

Donegood is a task tracker that only shows you what you need to do next.

Hi, my name is Michael and I built this website because I'm spread too thin.

You see, I have this app called Changes which needs design, code, videos, blog posts and an Android version. I support multiple other iOS apps including Happiness, Good Habits, Just Calories and Shoot. I record and edit a weekly podcast, I record and perform music, I make YouTube videos, I make little vignettes on Instagram with overcomplicated real-time visuals. I make occasionally viral videos for other people, I live stream, I tinker with hardware and I still have to find time to sell my gear on Reverb.

I always had an overflowing inbox. I was drowning in a sea of task lists and post-it notes. I analysed my working behaviour over several months and had to accept a simple truth.

I am only one person and I can only do one thing at a time.

So I created a task tracker that shows one thing at a time.

Lists are where tasks go to die

It's not enough to write down something you have to do. You also have to decide when you'll do it.

Donegood takes out the guesswork.

Just allocate half an hour a day to your project. Little-by-little Donegood will guide you through your backlog.

Tame your admin

Admin is annoying because you never know how long it will take.

You want to reply to an email but you don't want to lose your morning researching your reply. So that email stagnates in your inbox, becomes part of your anxious background noise instead. You only remember when you're trying to get to sleep.

I figured out the answer.

Time-box it. Schedule half an hour each morning to clear your inbox and do any other little tasks you need to get round to.

Donegood sets a timer and dings when you're done.

If a task over-runs, just pick it up the following morning.

Soon you'll be like me: I live at Inbox Zero. I do my taxes on the day I get the first reminder. And I've finally sold a load of old equipment I wasn't using any more.

Got a side-project?

The best way to make progress is to set aside some time to work on it every day. Working in fits and starts won't cut it.

Whether you just woke up or you had a long busy day, when you sit down to work on your labour of love it can be hard to remember what you need to do next.

Donegood tells you exactly what to do next so you don't waste any valuable time.

Keep score

Track every second of your time. Easily.

If you have to fill out a timesheet every week, this will change your life.

If you want to see exactly where your time was spent, this will make you happy.

You're not a machine

If you forget to start a timer, no problem. Tell Donegood you started 15 minutes ago with a couple of clicks.

Likewise, if you forgot to click "complete" you can do the same.

If you don't feel like doing something right now, hit snooze and try again tomorrow. Or next week.

If you have trouble getting started hit the "Procrastinate" button. Donegood tracks how much time you procrastinated against each of your projects. You'll probably discover that you didn't waste nearly as much time as you remember. And your procrastination might have been more productive than your 'real' work!

The "Take a Break" button helps you to get away from your desk. Because you need to look after yourself.

And you can set a nice background picture so you remember what you're working for.

Works great on mobile

Save Donegood to your home screen and it's a breeze to add a task when you're out and about.

In future I'm planning a native app that lets you add tasks with Siri.

Assuming Donegood helps me find the time...

Power up

With a Pro subscription you can manage an unlimited number of projects and subtasks.

Build a schedule, planning your time week-by-week or months in advance.

Donegood helps you plan your time by intelligently scheduling projects based on their start dates, repeat frequency and other things it knows.

Any tasks that you haven't made time for yet are clearly highlighted and so nothing will ever slip through the cracks again.